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Intelect Tens Standaard

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Intelect Tens Standard

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€99.22 €82.00 excl. VAT
€99.22 €82.00 excl. VAT
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For Symptomatic Relief and Management of Chronic Pain and Acute Post-Surgical or Post- Trauma Pain.





  • Dual Independent Channels
  • Adjustable parameters
  • Features 3 modes: Burst, Normal, Modulated Rate and Width
  • Sliding cover for controls and battery

Technical specifications

  • Channel: Dubbelfasige geïsoleerde
  • Wave form: Asymmetric square
  • Pulsamplitude: 0-80 mA each channel is adjustable (500 ohm load)
  • Puls width: 60-250 Msec. adjustable
  • Puls frequency: 2-150 Hz adjustable
  • Dimensions: 30x62x91mm
  • Weight: 126g

This package contains

  • TENS set of lead wires
  • Package of 4 DuraStick Plus 5x5 square electrodes (Article number: 42198, Version: Foam)
  • 9V battery
  • English User Manual
  • Carrying Case


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Brand Chattanooga
Dimensions 30 x 62 x 91mm
Weight 126g
Channel Two, isolated
Pulse duration 60 - 250 µsec.
Pulsamplitude 0 - 80mA per channel (500ohm charge)
Impulse frequency 2 - 150Hz configurable
Current types Asymmetric multi phase pulse rectangulaire
Safety tests CE 0413, IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, IEC 60601-2-10